Four-hour class will teach you to recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, respiratory and cardiac arrest as well as  foreign airway obstruction. 

We can show you how to overcome the confusion and the emotions that are 

commonplace in emergency situations.  Let us provide your family members or co-workers with the best chance of survival by getting the ball rolling in the right direction.

ON SCENE Safety is EMSA approved and will provide the training and appropriate certification with the State stickers for childcare providers.

We follow the latest AHA/ECC guidelines and abide by OSHA recommendations.

National standard is one CPR mannequin per seven students.  We issue each student their own adult, child and infant mannequin and disposable barrier mask for the duration of the training.

Courses offered by our SEASONED PROS

OUR INSTRUCTORS HAVE handled just about every emergency situation – Fires, overturned vehicles, heart attacks, earthquakes, drownings, overdoses and all types of accidents.  We didn't read about it in a book, we have been getting our hands dirty for years. 

“I am a general dentist in Sacramento and was tired of boring CPR classes.  OSS provide us with fun and engaging classes! Plus they come to our office.  They are the best and I recommend them to all my colleagues.”

Ed sims dds, sacramento

“I have received safety training by ON SCENE for over ten years, they do a great job.”

Amelia Castillo Lomeli


The AED module coupled with CPR gives the student the knowledge and training needed to use any Automated External Defibrillator.  Studies have shown that early defibrillation can increase the survival rate from heart attack from 4%-30% to over 70% when using an AED.

Each year approximately 350,000 Americans lose their lives to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  The usual cause of SCA is an electrical disturbance (arrhythmia) in the heart.  If this disturbance is not reversed within minutes, death occurs.

A shock from a defibrillator can reorganize the electrical impulses and once again allow the heart to beat properly.  Both adults and children can have their chances of survival greatly improved by defibrillation.

ON SCENE Safety instructors will familiarize your personnel with different brands of AEDs to assure that your people are comfortable with different machines that might be available to you.


Emergency Preparedness:  Dynamic two-hour presentation highlights small and large scale incidents.  

How do you prepare to survive earthquakes, floods and fires? 

We will teach you survival techniques, how to build a rotating food and supply cache, how to deal with family members with special medical needs.  

Communications with loved ones during catastrophic events, getting drinking water from unusual places and managing utilities are just some of the topics we are ready to help you prepare for.


Our four-hour class will prepare you to care for the sick and injured.  From scene management to showing you how to put together a practical first aid kit, ON SCENE instructors bring years of field experience to your facility and personnel.

We bring the latest teaching techniques and state of the art audio visual and training materials as well as a relaxed and entertaining learning environment.

Let us instill your employees, managers and family with the confidence to act appropriately during an emergency.

Already have an Emergency Response Team?  Let us put them to the test and help you to better prepare them.